High in the north

Handicrafts and industry are history – Freimann has long been a sought-after address among modern national and international companies. Its most famous buildings are vibrant landmarks of change: the Highlight Towers on the south side and the Allianz Arena on the north side of the district. With the Englischer Garten, Fröttmaninger Heide and Obere Isarau, Freimann is also much greener than it appears at first sight.

Big things are set in motion: Under the roof of a former industrial production hall, a unique experience world opens up in the autumn of 2020 for mobility fans. Especially for those who see a car as more of a cultural asset than a means of transport.


Event & Conferencing

Motorworld Motiv1

Motorworld Munich is also a place that - with a hotel, a cinema and a concert hall as well as numerous event and conference rooms - offers many synergy effects for the tenants of the FUTURE CAMPUS.

Motorworld Motiv2


Motorworld Motiv3

The impressive historical architecture from the industrial age is being renovated and expanded into a modern lifestyle location with a four star hotel by Ameron, Vitality Spa and restaurants:

Ameron Hotel

Motorworld Motiv Hotel
Motorworld Mood Gastro

Food & Drinks

Motorworld Gastro

There will be a bakery with a café, an Italian restaurant and bar called “Cantinetta”, and a steak and burger restaurant.

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    Kultur Hotspot 1



    The Zenith hall is a listed building with around 100 years of history. For decades steam boilers and even artillery cannons were forged and trains repaired here. Today the Zenith hall is considered a jewel among Munich’s event locations. It’s a top-tier address for company events as well – a perfect opportunity for you to organise conference and event rooms for up to 6,000 people in direct vicinity to your office building.

  • Kesselhaus 2
    Kesselhaus 1



    Even filling it to its capacity of 1,300 people won’t shake the former power house thanks to a steel frame structure designed for high payloads. Since 2007, the lavishly renovated building has been a sought-after location for private and public, artistic and commercial events.
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The options are diverse, not just on the FUTURE CAMPUS, but in the immediate vicinity as well. Sometimes it takes a second look to discover the true qualities of a neighbourhood that offers room for both the established and the new.

Dining & Food

Restaurant STFM9736

The optional food service (cafés, canteens etc.) offer at the FUTURE CAMPUS is complemented by cafés, restaurants and shops in the vicinity. These include the restaurants and cafés of Motorworld and the Ameron Hotel, as well as various smaller options within a radius of just a few hundred metres.


Mood Shopping

You can buy just about anything in the neighborhood. This of course includes things and food for daily use, but also unusual offers. For example at Spina, an Italian deli with cult status. But that's not all: up all the way to furniture, decorations, entertainment technology and DIY supplies, you can buy everything here - the Euro-Industriepark makes it possible.



The BMW company discovered the location for itself years ago and is currently expanding it into its own campus at Lilienthalallee. As of this year, 3,100 employees work in sales, banking, fleet management and more on 74,000 m² of new office space.

Education & Culture

Mohrvilla STFM9915

Education and culture are a top priority throughout Munich. That’s why interesting initiatives and institutions are often right nearby, rather than concentrated in the city centre. In Freimann these include St. George’s British International School, a Montessori vocational school, the charming Metropoltheater and the Mohr-Villa cultural centre.


Neighbour Sports

The FUTURE CAMPUS offers a variety of options for developing sport activities. You and your employees will also benefit from a wide range of sports and leisure activities in the immediate vicinity: from a traditional club sport at ESV, to fitness centres up to a climbing hall – to name just a few.

MOC Event and Order Center

Neighbour MOC 3462

The building "MOC" designed by Helmut Jahn encompasses not only 30,000 m² of space for trade shows and exhibitions, but also a permanent order centre for specialist trade with over 500 showrooms for sport and footwear fashion.