• Mood Townhall
    Worspace Meetgreeet Townhall SH2 Bea 2


    Meet & Greet

    The townhall in Building A can serve as a central lobby, welcome centre, common and meeting room for all FUTURE CAMPUS tenants. It’s a place for meetings and informal conversations, as well as events and lectures. Two storeys tall and lit from above by a glass roof, it forms a link between public and private, outside and inside.

  • Workspace Canteen Delicious Days SH7 Bea
    Mood Deli

    Canteen & Deli

    Delicious Days

    The architects of Buildings A and B have designated attractive optional spaces for setting up contemporary food services. With this in mind, CA Immo has already conducted initial talks with high-performance operators. The next step would be to develop a gastronomical concept that accords with the expectations and experiences of the tenants.

  • Mood New Work 2
    Workspace Work Your Way SH14 Bea 3

    new work

    Work Your Way

    How and where do you want to work? Alone, in pairs or in groups? Focused, casually, in conversations or in silence? You will always find the right place for it on the FUTURE CAMPUS and its buildings. Indoors or outdoors, in open spaces or the team lounge, in the think tank, the team office, on the rooftop terrace or in the café bar ... Work however you like!

  • Mood Sports
    Workspace Keep Moving Sport SH6 Bea 3

    sports & recreation

    Keep Moving. Stay relaxed.

    Need a break or fresh air? Just take a few steps out of your office building: Inviting open spaces and green areas connect the campus buildings. Rooftop terraces and balconies offer partially covered open spaces – and let your eyes wander. The campus offers the opportunity to directly establish a variety of leisure and sports activities. Be it table tennis tables, a basketball court, boulder walls for climbing or a boules court.
    What’s more, there are numerous activities already on offer in the immediate vicinity for daily workouts – during lunch breaks or after hours.

  • Mobility 2
    Mobility 1


    So Fast. So Easy.

    Many roads lead to the FUTURE CAMPUS. What they all have in common: they are fast. Whether by car, subway or bicycle - the FUTURE CAMPUS can be reached quickly. An smart mobility concept with many, partly innovative options has already been developed. It connects the various modes of transport and makes commuting - especially by bicycle or public transport - very easy.


    Your journey to the office

  • Sustainability 2
    Workspace Looking Forward Suistainability SH10 Bea


    Looking Ahead with Experience

    The FUTURE CAMPUS is prepared and aligned for sustainable work & life. The most important elements are environmentally friendly building technology, regional and recyclable building materials, high space and energy efficiency, an above-average quality of stay both inside and outside the buildings and a comprehensive, future-oriented mobility concept. For all buildings of the FUTURE CAMPUS, at least one certification in gold by the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB) is aspired.


    our values

Plot of Land 23.700 m²
Utilization measure approx. 50.000 m²
Building A B D
Gross floor space approx. 13.600 m² approx. 10.400 m² approx. 12.000 m² approx. 12.000 m²

Ground floor

+ 6 upper floors

Ground floor

+ 6 upper floors

not planned yet not planned yet

car & bike park,

storage space

car & bike park,

storage space

car & bike park,

storage space

car & bike park,

storage space

Architects Eller & Eller 3XN open open
Expected usage End of 2022 End of 2022 approx. 2024 approx. 2024


  • Grundriss Haus A Townhall
  • Grundriss Haus A Sith Floor
  • Grundriss Haus B Ground Floor
  • Grundriss Haus B Second Floor

Your intelligent office

The digitalization of office buildings allows rental space to be operated much more efficiently, economically and in a resource-saving and sustainable manner. A truly smart office does what you want because it knows your habits and keeps getting better at understanding you.


This is possible thanks to the use of artificial intelligence (AI), which pools a range of smart technologies in a self-learning system. Everything from workstations to meeting rooms and other resources can be managed and booked using smart sensors. Not only does this allow you to use the space far more efficiently, but employees also benefit from it through individual services and an optimal user experience The intelligent switchboard - the "brain" - networks technologies and processes. It offers interfaces to IoT, BACnet, KNX, Modbus, M-Bus, and enables smart process control and preventive low-failure facility management.


CA Immo is currently developing the cube berlin as a smart office building. This unique and innovative pilot development aims to use new, digital technology not only in other current CA Immo building projects such as the ONE high-rise in Frankfurt or the ZigZag office building in Mainz but also in selected existing properties such as the Tower185 in Frankfurt.


The technology developed together with prop-tech start-up Thing-it can also be used for the FUTURE CAMPUS buildings. It is possible to control all functions via a central app (Android/iOS). Authorizations and functions can be assigned individually via an easy-to-use Management Cockpit.


Of course, high priority was also given to cyber security and data protection (GDPR) during development. For example, each user can decide individually whether he/she wants to make information about himself/herself and his/her user behavior available to the AI, or whether he/she wants to use the app anonymously - but then with limited functions.

Smart Grafik

By using smart sensors and evaluating user behavior, environmental data and experiences from daily operations, AI can make real-time suggestions for optimizing the operation of office space. For example, hot-desking concepts can be used in such a way that office space or floors of a building are successively filled and individual areas of the building only need to be supplied with heat, cold or circulating air later or not at all.


With a Management Cockpit, the users of a Smart Commercial Building always have the option of keeping an eye on room  occupancy, energy consumption and other important values and data of their rental area. All users (and also guests) are managed via the cockpit and individual rights and functions can be assigned to them.

Through the consistent use of smart sensor technology in technical systems (i.e. elevators, pumps etc.), sources of failure can be identified at an early stage before breakdown of machines. This means that the frictionless operation of this system can be guaranteed much better and downtime of technical facilities can be reduced dramatically compared to a conventional building.

Your smart companion

As a tenant, you have a multitude of options via an app that make it even easier and more pleasant for you to live and work on the FUTURE CAMPUS. The app can guide you through the building, regulate light and temperature, book rooms or services and facilitate communication within the company or the tenant community.

Smartphone MockUP App
Using smart sensors and beacons, meeting rooms, offices, workplaces and parking spaces can be intelligently managed and booked. The app can automatically consider personal preferences, detects unused resources and make them available again.
Imagine you come to the FUTURE CAMPUS by car or bike and the barrier at the underground car and bike park opens automatically when you approach, the speed gates open automatically without you using a keycard and the elevator is already called and knows which floor you normally want to go. All this is not a distant future, but already possible today with the app that CA Immo developed with the Prop-Tech Startup Thing-it.
In-house parcel station, cleaning service, meal orders and many more can be integrated easily, efficiently and individually into the central building app according to your rental requirements. The convenience of the user is always at the forefront.