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CA Immo is an experienced, innovative project developer and portfolio manager all rolled into one. In general, we therefore develop for our own portfolio - but even if we sell our project developments in exceptional cases, they are always thought from the perspective of the owner, portfolio holder and end investor. Your buildings will be planned and built with consistently high standards and ultramodern, innovative solutions, with regard to both architecture and building operation. From sustainability to ensuring that ideal/efficient use is made of the spaces, we place value on a working environment that meets tenants’ wants and needs, both now and in the future. Recognised certifications confirm the quality of our office buildings.

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DGNB Certificate

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When it comes to sustainability, CA Immo has led the way as a developer from the beginning. As one of the first companies in Germany, CA Immo decided at the start of the new millennium to develop only buildings capable of certifying as green buildings. As early as 2007, the ATMOS and Laim290 office buildings in Munich were two of the first buildings to receive a Gold rating under the internationally recognised inspection system of the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB). Today, each of our projects has undergone a sustainability certification. We have set “Gold” as the minimum standard for a successful certification (go for at least Gold). Of course, that applies to your FUTURE CAMPUS too.


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Well Certificate

A CA Immo office building is more than just a place to work; it should be a place where individual capabilities are maintained and developed. The International Well Building Institute researches, communicates and certifies the implementation of evidence-based methods for promoting health and well-being in buildings worldwide. CA Immo’s ultramodern Visionary office building in Prague meets the highest certification requirements of both LEED Platinum and WELL Core & Shell.

Aspects such as recreation and sport are already integrated into the concept of the FUTURE CAMPUS – and can be represented in later planning in many different ways.

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Secure and fast connections to the Internet are an absolute priority for CA Immo. Our cube berlin project “the smartest building in Europe” and the office and hotel highrise ONE (190 m) in Frankfurt meet the highest possible standards. As “best in class” they were the first two buildings in Germany to receive the “WiredScore Platinum Certification”. We will use this competency to form the basis for your optimal connectivity on the FUTURE CAMPUS.


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