Even the most beautiful campus is useless if no one can get there. So it’s all the better that your new workspace can be reached quickly and easily by many different modes of transportation. A clever mobility concept makes boarding and changing trains and buses as uncomplicated as possible.

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Public Transportation

The FUTURE CAMPUS is almost ideally connected. A metro station for the U6, Munich’s most important north-south connection, is just a few minutes walk away. From here you can reach the city centre in only 12 minutes. Stations of the lines U2, U3 and U8 can also be reached quickly and conveniently by bus. The planned extension of tram line 23 will make the connection even better.

Bike Traffic

The FUTURE CAMPUS is integrated excellently into the Munich bike path network. There is already a tight network of bike paths surrounding it. And thanks to the new bike highway between the city centre and the north of Munich you can reach the FUTURE CAMPUS even faster. An optional mobility concept has already been developed, incorporating a whole package of services for using this ingeniously flexible and sustainable mode of transport, for example, large and secure parking spaces, including for cargo bikes and pedelecs, showers and changing options for cyclists, but also concepts for pedelec rental services.

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Maintenance and repair of
bikes and pedelecs

Bicycle parking spaces
with battery chargers

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The bicycle is both a mode of transport and a piece of sports equipment. No wonder, then, that its popularity keeps growing. Climb on!

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The FUTURE CAMPUS is surrounded on all sides by important traffic axes. Two connections to the A9 lead north to the airport and the A99. In the north, south and west there are two main roads and a federal highway for fast connections to the city centre. Outside the underground garage (660 spaces) a smart parking management system optimises the parking facilities.

Charging infrastructure for electric cars

Car sharing replaces privately owned cars

Promotion of carpooling

Mobility Concept

The bicycle today, the subway tomorrow and a carpool the day after: The mobility of the future is flexible and networked. A multitude of options have been thought out for the FUTURE CAMPUS, and you can configure them individually. One tool for providing centralised information is a constantly updated screen that displays all departure times and traffic reports. It can be placed in the lobby of each of the four buildings, for example, so that you and your guests can find the optimal connection to the next destination at a glance.

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Safe Bikeparking
Central Infoscreen
Pool Cars
Underground Parking
Showers & Changing Rooms