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The FUTURE CAMPUS in Munich-Freimann offers you a unique opportunity to secure a site for your company and employees that conveys a clear identity, is centrally located and well connected to transport options. A Campus Concept that actively supports the company’s productivity by inspiring employees and promoting creative and communicative work. The FUTURE CAMPUS will be a place that embodies corporate culture and that employees enjoy coming to every day.


Internationally renowned architects are designing four modern, multifunctional campus buildings with over 50,000 m² of usable space. Connected by attractive open spaces and sport areas, these buildings allow you to realise optimal office concepts, while also letting you create additional offers and services for your employees.


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It is our goal to design and develop the FUTURE CAMPUS according to your needs through individual offers. We have already developed a wide range of options for this purpose and look forward to actively involving you in the development and specific design.


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All it takes is a look at the FUTURE CAMPUS to see that many intelligent company-based offers and ideas have already been developed that will motivate employees and help them work efficiently. If you want to learn more about these offers and almost endless options on the FUTURE CAMPUS come along on a discovery tour.

New work

Realise the right office concept for you – one that can be both highly efficient and stimulating.


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The central location and marketplace for meetings and exchange or as well for workshops and employee assemblies.


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We take care. Today and ongoing.


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It’s so easy – and much faster than you might think – for your employees to get to the FUTURE CAMPUS – and back home again.


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